New products for 2016.

New Products

New products for 2016 are…


  1. Orange Chocolate Bar
  2. Chocolate Malt Bar
  3. Chocolate Mint Bar
  4. Chili Chocolate Bar
  5. Caramel Sauce
  6. Chocolate Caramel Sauce


Breaking Trails Bar
Breaking Trails Bar | Chocolate | Candy Bar

Breaking Trails Bar is made of white chocolate with sea salt roasted almonds and craisons mixed in.  This is a 2 oz. bar.

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Chili Chocolate Bar
Chili Chocolate Bar | Candy Bar | Candy

Chili Chocolate Bar will leave a little warmth in your mouth.  Chili combined with dark chocolate is the perfect mix, with hot and spicy. Comes only in dark chocolate.  Some like it hot and spicy.  Some not.

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Chocolate Malt Bar
Chocolate Malt Bar | Candy Bar | Candy

Chocolate Malt Bar has a delicious malty taste.  This candy bar is made with chunks of malt ball centers mixed in.  Delightful malted taste.  This bar weights 2 oz..  Choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

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Coyote Trail Bar
Coyote Trail Bar | Candy Bar | Chocolate

Coyote Trail Bar comes in your choice of chocolate.  Chocolate has a mix of caramel and oreo pieces in it.  This bar is 2 oz. in size.  Simply delicious.

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Elk Horn Bar
Elk Horn Bar | Candy Bar | Chocolate

Elk Horn Bar is a fruit and nut chocolate bar.  This bar is 2 oz. in size.

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Orange Chocolate Bar
Orange Chocolate Bar | Candy Bar

Orange Chocolate Bar has a nice orange flavor to it.  Taste similar to those orange jelly sticks that most of us love.  Choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Try our other new bars…

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Orange Smoothy Bar
Orange Smoothy Bar | Candy Bar | Chocolate

Orange Smoothy Bar

  • Creamy orange flavored center
  • Hint of caramel
  • Choice of milk or dark chocolate
  • 2 oz. bar
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Real Bean Bar
Real Bean Bar | Coffee Bean | Chocolate Bar

Real Bean Bar is a break apart bar that has 9 cavities.  Each cavity contains 2 dark roasted espesso beans.  Your choice of milk or dark chocolate.  Robust in flavor.  This is a 2 oz. size bar.

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