Huckleberry Drink Mixer
Huckleberry Drink Mixer

Huckleberry Drink Mixer can be added to your favorite drinks.

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Huckleberry Jam
Huckleberry Jam | Alpine Valley Kitchen

Huckleberry jam at its finest.  We capture that great unique huckleberry flavor in every jar. Great on ice cream, sandwiches, or biscuits.  Each jar is shrink wrapped sealed.

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Huckleberry Jelly
Huckleberry Jelly | Huckleberry Products

For those that like jelly instead of jam.  Jelly does not have the fruit in it.  Fruit is strained out during processing where as jams have the fruit left in.  We only carry one size and flavor.  Huckleberry jelly comes in our 7 oz. size.

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Huckleberry Syrup
Huckleberry Syrup | Syrup | Gifts

Huckleberry Syrup is delicious.  Uses are for –

  • Pancakes
  • Waffles
  • Ice Cream

Huckleberry Syrup is made with huckleberries but with pulp strained out.  If you want huckleberries left in, try our Huckleberry Topping. Bottled in traditional syrup bottles or our 16 oz. economical round bottle.  More information below.

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Huckleberry Topping
Huckleberry Topping | Alpine Valley Kitchen

Topping is made especially for ice cream, cheesecake, french toast and the like.  It is thicker than our syrups and is processed with the fruit left in.

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