Candy Bars | Chocolate | Candy
Candy Bars | Chocolate | Candy

Eight different types of candy bars for you to choose from.  The names of these bars are as follows…

  • Rocky Trails Bar (filled with chocolate fudge and marshmallows)
  • Montana Cherry Coconut Bar (creamy cherry filling with coconut)
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Bar (peanut butter with jelly filling)
  • Glacier Peak Bar (soft caramel filling with shortbread layer)
  • Glacier River Bar (huckleberry caramel filling with layer of shortbread)
  • Coffee Bean Espresso Bar (Coffee flavored fudge filling)
  • Huckleberry Jelly Cheesecake Bar (creamy cheesecake flavored filling with huckleberry jelly)
  • Chocolate Mint Bar (mint fudge filling)

Choice of milk chocolate or dark chocolate.


$2.75$3.60 Select options
Cowboy Caramels | Chocolates | Candy
Cowboy Caramels | Chocolates | Candy

For those who like the taste of caramel but can not chew regular caramel, these are for you.  Chocolate on the outside with soft caramel centers.  Choice of chocolate.  Each piece are foil wrapped.

$4.15$15.20 Select options
Coyote Trail Bar
Coyote Trail Bar | Candy Bar | Chocolate

Coyote Trail Bar comes in your choice of chocolate.  Chocolate has a mix of caramel and oreo pieces in it.  This bar is 2 oz. in size.  Simply delicious.

$2.80 Select options
Drum Sticks
Drum Sticks | Pretzel | Caramel

Four delicious tastes in one product.  Pretzel rods are coated first with our own caramel.  Then we drizzle your choice of chocolate.  On top of that, we add chopped cashews.  Note: On our large 4 oz. stick, cashews are not added.

$2.70$5.40 Select options
Grizzlies | Chocolate | Caramel | Candy
Grizzlies | Chocolate | Caramel | Candy

These are made with our very own caramel.  Grizzlies are made with a generous amount of caramel.  This is enrobed with your choice of chocolate.  Cashews are added on top to look like a paw.  Choice of regular caramel or huckleberry caramel.  Grizzly is labeled in picture with Wolf Tracks.

$2.35 Select options
Delicious hot chocolate
Hot Chocolate Spoon | Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate spoon.  Simply stir your delicious spoon into 8 oz. hot milk.  Stir until chocolate melts.  Enjoy!




$2.80 Select options
Sea Salt Caramels | Chocolates | Candy
Sea Salt Caramels | Chocolates | Candy

Here is two flavors that compliment one another.  Chocolate on the outside and filled with our delicious caramel.  Sea salt sprinkled on top.  Each piece are foil wrapped.  Choice of milk or dark chocolate.

$4.20$15.35 Select options