Delicious hot chocolate
Hot Chocolate Spoon | Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate spoon.  Simply stir your delicious spoon into 8 oz. hot milk.  Stir until chocolate melts.  Enjoy!




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Huckleberry Marshmallow cremes
Huckleberry Marshmallow Cremes | Chocolates

Huckleberry flavored marshmallow center make this a popular choice.  Each piece are individually foil wrapped.  Packaged in an attractive bag.  Choice of milk or dark chocolate.

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S'mores Bites
Smores Bites | Chocolate | Candy

Most people remember when they went camping, you would enjoy s’mores over the camp fire.  This treat has a fudge marshmallow center with graham cracker bottom.  Enrobed with your preference of chocolate.  Each piece is foil wrapped.  Packaged in an attractive bag.

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